1997MinyaEgyptCement Plant - Minya, New control system
1998Tourah 9, ITALCEMENTIEgyptUpgrading of Line 9
1999ARESCO EgyptSinai Grey Realization of Cement plant
1999Tourah 8, ITALCEMENTIEgyptUpgrading of Line 8
1999Suez , ITALCEMENTIEgyptExtra Works
1999Suez , ITALCEMENTIEgyptSuez Upgrading
1999Suez , ITALCEMENTIEgyptSuez Upgrading Extra Works
2000Assiut, CEMEXEgyptASSIUT LINE 1
2000Assiut, CEMEXEgyptAssiut Upgrading
2000JCF LAFARGE JordanRashadiyah plant Upgrading Line A+B
2000ARESCOEgyptQUENA project, New cement plant
2000ARESCO EgyptSinai White cement, New cement plant
2001Assiut, CEMEXEgyptControl System and Electrical supply for Lines 2 & 3
2001Helwan Line 1 & 2"ASEC"EgyptUpgrading of Line 1 & 2
2002JCF LAFARGE JordanGas Analyzer - Fuhais + New Cables
2002CTI / LAFARGEMoroccoMeknes Upgarding work
2002CTI / LAFARGEHondurasAutomation Phase 1
2002CTI / LAFARGEHondurasRaw Mill Upgrading
2002CTI / LAFARGEHondurasCooler Upgrading "Material"
2002CTI / LAFARGEHondurasCooler Upgrading "Erection"
2002Assiut, CEMEXEgyptUpgrading Line 2
2002Assiut, CEMEXEgyptExtra work for Line 2
2003QATAR National CementQatar6.6 KV Substation work
2003Amreyah , CIMPOREgyptRevamping Crusher
2003SNEFPolandAutomation System for Kiln Line 2
2004CTI / LAFARGEHondurasAutomation Phase 2
2004CIOK Cement PlantTunisiaInstallation of Dynamic Separator
2004Tula Cement FactoryMexiqueAutomation & Electrical Work
2004RedecamItalyFuhais Line 6 Clinker Cooler De-dusting
2004Assiut, CEMEXEgyptNew Aqua Misr Filter Line 1
2004JCF LAFARGE JordanPLC Step 5, QMC Communication Fuhais Plant
2005National Cement Co,EgyptNCC Line 3 tunnel & Packing
2005JCF LAFARGE JordanClinker Storage, stacking sys., Reclaimer & Revamping Line A."RASHADIYAH"
2005JCF LAFARGE JordanMV Cells Erection Works Steps 2 & 3 "FUHAIS"
2006ARESCO/Mass JordanSudanDismantling Plant from German to Sudan
2006Amreyah , CIMPOREgyptUpgrading Amreyah
2006Assiut, CEMEXEgyptRevamping Cement Mill 8, Water Pump Line 1,2,3, Oil Pump Line 1, Erection of the new ESP Fan of Raw Mill 1, Line 1
2006JCF LAFARGE JordanNew Bag Filter Line A, MV Cable extra work
2006Tourah - ITALCEMENTIEgyptKiln 8 , RMA, RMB & Homo Revamping + Renovation RMA, RMB Line 9
2006Assiut, CEMEXEgyptSupply Electrical Material , Installation, Technical Consulting, Water Pumps
2006JCF LAFARGE MalysiaPasir Gudang Cement Storage Upgrading
2006ARESCO-Sinai Grey EgyptSinai Grey Line 2
2006Sinai White Cement Co. EgyptSinai White Line 2
2007ARESCO-Takamol SudanAl takamol Cememt Co. 4500 tpd Clinker
2007ARESCO-LybiaLybiaClinker Cooler Upgrading Conditioning Tower & Kiln
2007Mass Global JordanJordanClinker Production Line Electrical Part
2007Beni-suef Cement co.EgyptLafarge Beni-suef Upgrading
2008ASEC EngineeringEgyptTourah Line 9+Qena Maint+Helwan Maint
2008KHDLybiaBenghazi Line 3 Electrical Work
2008ARESCOSudanGerman Plant CM + Packing
2008FCB FranceEgyptFCB New Line Lafarge Benisuef
2008Beni-suef Cement co.EgyptLafarge Beni-suef Upgrading Stage 2
2008FCB FranceEgyptElectrical Erection Work
2008Amreyah , CIMPOREgyptNew MV Cells in Cement Mill 1,2,3
2008Amreyah , CIMPOREgyptUpgrading CM 3 + Packing Plant 6
2008Assiut, CEMEXEgyptInstallation of New Line DC Convertor + New Load Breaker, Electrical Work
2008El SewedyEgyptNew Line
2008Wadi El Nile Cement PlantEgyptNew Plant
2008JCF LAFARGE JordanFuhais Weighfeeders, PCS L2 Step 5, Fuhais Raw Mill, MCC
2008ASEC Algeria Cement CompanyEgyptAlgeria Djelfa No 1 & 2
2009South Vally Cement Co.EgyptSouth Maintenance
2009Qena Cement Co.EgyptQena Maintenance
2009ITL groupEgyptHelwan Maintenance
2009Misr Beni Suef Cement Co.EgyptMisr Beni Suef Maintenance
2009Cemex Co.EgyptElectrical Installation for new bag filters in RM 1 & 2 Assuist cement plant
2009ITL groupEgyptTourah Maintinance contract , Line 5 & 7
2009National Cement Co.EgyptNCC Maintenance 2009
2009Saida Cement Co.AlgeriaExpedition Revamping
2009ITL groupEgyptImproving overhual & revamping scope of work-Kattamiyah plant
2009ITL groupEgyptControl System Backup and programming
2009Sinai Cement Co.EgyptCement Mill 4, 120tpd, Sinia white plant
2009Titan EgyptEgyptElectrical installation & Automation implementation , Elmax plant
2009Lafarge ,JCFJordanMVDB Revamping
2009ITL groupEgyptCement Mill 10 new PLC System
2009Zahana Cement CoAlgeriaNew MCCs for CM 5 & 6
2009Lafarge AlgeriaMeftah Maintenance Work
2009CemexEgyptSupply of MCC for Gypsm Crusher
2009Titan EgyptEgyptRaw mix reclaimer upgrade, Beni Suef plant
2009ITL groupEgyptKiln/Raw mills Control System, Kattamiyah plant
2009ASEC CementSudanMain 6.3kV Cable Feeders of Al Takamol Cement Plant
2009ARESCOEgyptConstruction of 2 CM, Misr Beni Suef plant
2010ARESCOSudanAl Takamol Cement Project; fighting systems
2010Asec Integrated management Co. Ltd.Sudan El Takamol Maintenance Contract with ASEC
2010Lafarge -JCFJordanRashadiah MV switchgear updrade, step2
2010Reliance Heavy IndustriesEgyptCement transport modification line 2, Sinia white cement plant
2010Qena Cement Co.EgyptNew Kiln Motors
2010Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptMain Station M.V sitchgear upgrade
2010Titan EgyptEgyptCM7 Upgrade and the common communication between CM 7 & 6, E max plant
2010ITL groupEgyptHelwan Maintenance Contract
2010Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptPCs soft ware upgrade line 3
2010Building Materials Industries SAE (BMIC)EgyptAssiut Cement plant BMIC
2010Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptPower auditing system & modbus connection
2010Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptREVAMPING OF DEDUSTING BAG FILTERS ( Line 1 )
2010ASECKazakhestanComissioning Engineer for Kazakhestan
2010Arab National Cement Company EgyptArab National Cement Co. 5500 TPD
2010El Gammal Co.Egypt"Retrofit and Revamping of Existing EP into Bagfilter with Electrical and Automation Machineries"
2010ITL groupEgyptElectrical & Automation scope for alternative Fuel Pilot, Kattamyiah cement plant
2010Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptAmryah Line 1 new bag filter
2010CemexEgyptBag Filters for confined space, Assuit cement plant
2011ITL groupEgyptPLC for Kiln and Raw Mill, Minya cement plant
2011Qena Cement Co.EgyptSupply of 3600KVA Transformer
2011ITL groupEgyptCM 12 & 13 EP to bag filter conversion ,Tourah
2011Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptMaintenance of Diesel Generator for Amryah Plant
2011Lafarge, IraqIraq Karbalaa plant electrical maintenance activity October 2010
2011El Nahda Cement PlantEgyptEL-Nahda Cement Plant Electrical Maintenance
2011Lafarge -JCFJordanRashadiah MV switchgear updrade, step3
2011ITL groupEgyptControl System for CM7
2011Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptUpgrade of M.V Switchgear of EL-HAMAM Crusher
2011Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptUpgrade of M.V Switchgear of ABU-SIR Crusher
2011South Valley Cement Co.EgyptSouth valley clinker line electrical maintenance
2011Building Materials Industries SAE (BMIC)EgyptBMIC L.v Motors
2011ITL groupEgyptTourah - Kiln 8 new conditioning towers spaying system.
2011Building Materials Industries SAE (BMIC)EgyptBMIC Kiosk Transformer
2011Qena Cement Co.EgyptSupply of Slip Ring motor 4700 kw / 11kv
2011Amreyah Cimpor cementEgyptREVAMPING OF CEMENT MILL 4
2011ITL groupEgyptHelwan - Control system for CM 6

ASEC at a glance