Michel Kornienko


I am amazed and proud of the extraordinary path that we have walked since 1995 when ASEC automation was just a vision and idea that transformed into reality.

Our late founder, Mr. Omar Guemei was a great visionary leader, who understands and believed - before anyone else - that cement industry in Egypt must change and restructured, whereby new foreign investment shall start in unprecedented way.

Moreover, he believed in the capabilities of his fellow Egyptian staff and their abilities to support this growth by mixing them into a qualified international team, it was a concept and a vision.

Therefore, and for the first time in Egypt and Middle East, the need for specialized foreign subcontractors was replaced by a locally available expertise and that is how ASEC Automation started and how it has maintained its success.

Today, with changing markets and global economy restrictions, our local/international mix formula remains a great strength and position us for more success all over the world.

We believe that 2012 - as difficult as it is - will be our year of strengthening our local presence and expanding our international operations in areas that have serious development in the Electrical and Automations works.

Being a key player in cement market doesn’t limit our determination to develop in other industrial sectors, and utilize our capabilities in full to serve more diversified scopes. Furthermore, keeping the same vision and concept, we are synchronizing our capabilities and resources with other international players in major partnerships creating a platform to open more markets and add more insurance to our never ceased success for the last two decades.

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