Galal Yakut


Year 2011 has elapsed, with all its turbulence and uncertainties. It has brought drastic changes to Egypt, not only to the political structure, but also to the working environment that was severely affected as well.

Naturally ASA was not isolated from the above mentioned circumstances, and it was impossible for us to realize the ambitious target we had for the year, resulting from unprecedented unrest, rise in wages and in prices.

Our biggest challenge was to maintain the growth of our business and to sustain our working force.

We pride that our strength lies in our working force, which should be prepared at all times to resume its activities at full power once the circumstances stabilize and the work load picks up.

We have sought new fields, other than in the cement industry and I am glad to note that some success has already been achieved, though we are looking for much more.

Similarly, we have to work outside of Egypt. It is not an easy task, yet we have to pursue it relentlessly in order to increase and diversify our business.

In this respect, we have engaged two new chief executives, Ali El Mahdy as General Manager and Mohamed Abdel Razik as Human Resources Manager. Also, Marc Dosol has rejoined the company as Operations Director.

We are optimistic that 2012 will better than its preceding year, but we have to be extremely cost-conscious, committed, and diligent.

I wish to thank all staff and employees of ASA who are exerting efforts to fulfill our commitments in spite of the difficult conditions. Our goal is for ASA to maintain its excellence as a leader in the electrical and automation fields.

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